notes on 5:1-17

The section of Amos which runs from 5:1 to 5:17 is both the smallest and the central, pivotal, section of the book.

This section, like the book as a whole, is arranged chiastically:
        5:1-3 Funeral songs
      5:4-6 Seek me and live
    5:7 Justice grounded
  5:8 Hymnic fragment
"Adonai is his name!"
  5:9 Hymnic fragment
    5:10-13 Justice silenced
      5:14-15 "Seek good... that you may live"
        5:16-17 Funeral songs

With its hints of possible salvation in vv. 4-6 and 14-15, its summary accusations and judgments and its center in praise of the creator: "Adonai is his name!" these verses provide a suitable pivot for the larger chiastic structure of the book.



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