notes on 6:10

The first phrase poses some problems for the translator. A very literal rendering may help to make these clear:
and he will lift him his uncle and the one who burns him to bring out the bones from the house, and he will say to that (person) in the innermost part of the house: "(Are there) still (any) with you?" and he will say:
"None." and he will say:
"Silence! No mentioning Adonai's name."

The first problem concerns the participle "burning him" is this another person (an emergency worker who burns bodies in an epidemic, since cremation is otherwise unknown) or does it indicate more precisely the identity of the relative (the one who has come to burn him). The other problem seems smaller: who is talking to whom? (Other solutions have been proposed.)

I have taken the approach that v.10 fills out or illustrates v.9.

Here in the face of such divinely ordained destruction Adonai's name must not even be mentioned (cf. remarks on Amos' use of silence at 8:3)


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