notes on 7:7-9

Form (see on 7:1-3, and on the series as a whole)

Notice the slightly different introduction:
"This is what he showed me..." 

Language & Imagery

"My lord... standing" although Amos here sees God, when asked by God what he sees he simply replies "tin" placing the focus on the verbal play between "tin" and "grief" (on this suggested reading of a well known crux see Andersen & Freedman [756-759] or my summary of their views). On the role of a pun in stimulating the message in Amos' visions see my comments on 8:2.

The next vision (8:1-3) also works by wordplay, so the first four visions form two pairs. In the first pair the prophet intercedes successfully and the punishment is averted. In this second pair, based on puns, the prophet is forbidden to ask again, for Adonai says: "I will not again pass them by".


The first six words of the verse form two closely parallel pairs:

they will be made desolate | the high places | of Isaac
and the sanctuaries | of Israel | they will be ruined

There may be progression from the (outdoor) "high place" to the "sanctuary" building.

"Jeroboam's house", though allusion has been made to the royal establishment before (e.g. 3:15 which mentions "ivory houses", Ahab's palace is known to have had ivory decorations) this is the first explicit reference in Amos' speech to Israel's king (cf. 1:1 which is a third person introduction or title to the book).

This explicit mention is interesting because of its proximity to Amaziah's accusation in verse 11.



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