Letter Two

  X Somename St,
12 Dec

Dear Bill,

Do you remember our days in Ms Williams' class? I am having a party and inviting all the old gang.

Some of us haven't met for years. There will be plenty to eat and we should have a realy good time.

Stiffy Jones is coming and Mandy Brown and I hope that Jack can get away from his famous company for a few hours too!

Let me know if you are coming so I know how many stakes to buy.


PS. I forgot, it's on Saturday 8 January at my place at 7.30.

 Once again it is likely that your letter was something like this. Maybe some differences in layout? Certainly the content would be somewhat different, though probably with an informal style somewhat like Andie's. (I hope you spell better though!)

Again you were following a similar set of rules, so got similar results. This time the letter was informal so the rules were not as strict and the differences probably greater.

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