Like other ancient writings, the Bible is full of quotations and allusions. Even though the Old Testament itself is almost the only writing we have in Classical Hebrew there are numerous quotations within it. There are also passages that may quote from other ancient stories poems and myths (the second half of Is 27:1 is a likely candidate).

Another kind of quotation is very common in the Bible. Biblical stories are full of direct speech where the character is quoted. This makes these stories vivid and fast moving. It also contributes to their feel of "putting you right there in the middle of the action".

The prophets frequently also quote what others, usually their opponents are saying. Amos indicates the quotation at 6:13:

saying, "Have we not by our own strength

         taken Karnaim for ourselves?"

However often the prophet quotes without explicitly telling the reader that they are doing so. It is then up to us to spot the quotation!

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