Jeroboam I (reigned c.925-901BCE)

A functionary of Solomon's, in charge of tribal forced labor for the king's building projects, Jeroboam son of Nebat later rebelled and had to flee to Egypt. The support he built up while there presumably enabled his rise to kingship when the Northern tribes rejected Solomon's son Rehoboam and sought an alternative ruler.

As first king of the North, Israel, Jeroboam developed its distinctive social and religious systems. The descriptions we have all come to us filtered through Judean eyes, but it seems that the North never adopted pagan kingship ideology as thoroughly as Judah, but by contrast may have in other ways followed more syncretistic religious practices. (It was Jeroboam who is blamed for setting up calf-idols of Adonai in his royal shrines of Bethel and Dan.)

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