Rabbah, ammon E of JordanRabbah

The chief city of the Ammonites, (now capital of Jordan, Amman) c35 km E of the river Jordan alongside the springs of the Jabbok.

The Ammonites were among Israel's rivals during the period of settlement in Canaan; the Bible records that their kings Nahash and his son Hanun fought with Israel in the time of Samuel, Saul and David. (1 Sam 11:1ff.; 2 Sam 10:2; cf. 1 Chron 19:1ff.) As the Israelite kingdoms became weak the Ammonites tried to gain advantage (Am 1:14; Jer 49:2; Ez 21:20 [Heb 21:25]; 25:5).

Though David and Solomon claimed to rule Ammon this control did not outlast the united kingdom.

Many archaeological remains have been uncovered near Amman. On the citadel hill (in the center of modern Amman), as well as mediaeval, Byzantine, Roman and Hellenistic cities, are remains of Late Bronze Age fortification. A Late Bronze Age (c13th C) repository for cremated human remains was found at the airport. Many of these were young children, perhaps sacrificed to Molech.

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