Joint Board of Studies, Theology

Dr Bulkeley is a lecturer in Theology. He was appointed to the programme in 1993.

Tim Bulkeley's particular area of interest and expertise is Old Testament studies. His teaching is a wonderful combination of old fashioned enthusiasm for his subject, interest in his students as individual learners, and innovative technology.

Many students have been startled to discover, having embarked upon a course of Old Testament purely of necessity, that Tim's love for the Old Testament has rubbed off on them. Moreover his interest in individual student learning needs is legendary.

Tim Bulkeley's teaching is highly informed by his world-class research. He is engaged upon the production of the world's first hypertext commentary on the Bible. He is a world leader in the application of computer technology to Biblical studies. In the opinion of his colleagues, the Master's level course he teaches on the Bible and Electronic Media is groundbreaking stuff.

Innovative aspects of Tim's teaching include the use of on-line tests for level 1 students, the use of video and film clips in classes, the introduction of CD programmes to enhance the lecture material and the introduction of peer-review by students of one another's work at level 3. Tim's teaching practice is grounded in the philosophy of enhancing 'deep learning.' Moreover, given the current interest in peer review as a component of the evaluation of teaching, the introduction of the methodology during student days seems to be particularly prescient.

Because of the peculiar arrangements under which Theology is currently taught on behalf of the university, few of the lecturers have an opportunity for service within the university. But they do contribute within their own colleges, and Tim Bulkelely is no exception. As Dean of Studies at Carey Baptist Theological College, he plays a key role in advising and mentoring students studying the discipline.

It is with great pleasure that I present Dr Timothy Bulkeley as a distinguished teacher of Theology in this university.