Research and correction

Users of the site and especially those who subscribe to the newsletter have often been willing to:
point out errors
suggest improvements
discuss ideas related to Amos and to hypertext commentaries.

Thank you!

Four special people deserve notice by name:

Barbara Browning has given up lots of time from her own life and studies to read steadily through the material. She has corrected many errors and suggested many improvements, not only to the expression but also to the content. She has also provided stimulating comments and suggestions, enlivening detailed technical comment with off-the-wall humor!

Barbara Bulkeley has not complained when her husband creeps off to the study at odd hours to work on "Amos". Has corrected many errors of spelling and grammar. Her eye for places where the thought is unclear has improved many passages of the commentary. She has willingly shared our home and life with an intruder from Iron Age Israel. Without her encouragement and willing listening only the first few pages of this commentary would have ever been written!

Richard Bulkeley read most of the material and provided many corrections and useful suggestions. His sharp humor also enlivened the job of correcting the errors and infelicities his eagle eye spotted.

Catrien Kilpatrick helped enormously with the final stages of getting these multiple texts prepared for "official" publication.

If you find errors or can suggest improvements please write to me.