Hi, I'm Tim Bulkeley.

I teach Old Testament/Hebrew Bible at the University of Auckland and at Carey Baptist College, I prepared the Amos commentary and the associated Bible Dictionary material, as a prototype of a much more ambitious project to eventually produce a multi-author commentary/dictionary that covers the whole Bible.

My academic CV is online here, there is also a story of my life "On Eagle's Wings" (which takes me up to the 1990s).

Or you can see if I am online with:

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or Skype (my username is "bulkeley").

Or, of course you could visit my other websites ;)

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Photo Gallery of archaeological sites in Israel (focus on biblical period) so far Arad, Beersheba, Gezer, Hazor, Lachish, and Megiddo.

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SansBlogue: blog about Biblical Studies, Open Scholarship, Appropriate Spirituality and (in general) life as a Bible teacher.

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