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  Hypertext Bible Commentaries

A new kind of Bible commentary written for the electronic age

Olive press from the Philistine street at Eqron Museum, stone from the dig, wood added


Amos is the prototype of a series which aims to explain the Bible in ways that print books cannot. The electronic format will:
• Make serious Bible study understandable without seminary training
• Describe and explain Bible text, not present a particular interpretation
• Use photos where words do not give the full picture
• Use sound as well as sight – Bible text in Hebrew and English, how to pronounce words like “apophthegma”…
• Help you explore Amos’ world – follow links that interest you, rather than the path an author set

Amos: Hypertext Bible Commentary is a prototype, and we plan to have further “volumes” prepared by other scholars till the whole Bible is covered. A separate, but related project is preparing a Bible Dictionary which the
commentaries will use.


The whole project including the commentary series is overseen by a board:

This project collaborates with others in the University Bible Dictionary project, the entriesd of this dictionary will provide a resource for authors of future HBC "volumes".


The Amos "volume" you have here took ten years to prepare, from first dreams to official publication.

It contains more than:
• 1600 “pages” of text
• 180 photographs
• 500 sound files.

As well as all this, it works in new ways that print commentary cannot. The working files have been online since 1996 and over 1000 users have given feedback. This has shaped how the commentary functions.

You can help by making the project known, and if you are a biblical scholar considering writing a dictionary article (up to 1500 words) or even a commentary!

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