Amos: Hypertext Bible Commentary

A new kind of Bible commentary written for the electronic age


The screen is divided into several "windows". Links to move through the material are at the top left:

The material on this CD is "citable": you can refer to it and be sure your readers can see the same words and pictures, to cite an article note its title, refer to it like this:

Tim Bulkeley Amos: Hypertext Bible Commentary, Auckland: Hypertext Bible, 2005, "Title of article"

Your reader simply has to look up "Title of article" in the INDEX to find the same material (nb. the timeline material is provisional, and should not be cited in this way).

You can either use the material directly from the CD, or copy it all elsewhere. The material is copyright, so you do NOT have the right to give copies to other people - except that if this CD is bought by an institution e.g. a library it may be made available to any member.

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