Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Iain's biography

I always find writing about myself to be a somewhat difficult affair so I will keep it brief. I started out life in religious studies (there was no life before university) and moved across to philosophy for my postgrad work. After far too long completing my PhD, I chose (this may be a case of selective memory) to move into multimedia. Now these two have vaguely come together in my incarnation as Director of the Learning Technology Unit, Medicine Faculty, University of Auckland.

Participating in this colloquium will allow me to work explicitly in both my areas of interest - philosophy and technology. As will become apparent I'm not much of an academic philosopher. Perhaps more of an anti academic philosopher. I believe that the concern of the philosopher should be with questions that press urgently. My interest in virtual space etc has to do with the teaching role of the philosopher and with discursive freedom (amongst other things).