Thursday, December 16, 2004

introducing steve taylor

hi. i'm dr steve taylor. i work in multiple worlds - teaching, church ministry, on-line where i run my own website. i have a phd in how religious groups respond to changing environs, and a side-line to that is, of course, new media. hence the invitation (arm twist) from tim bulkeley to be present. my paper is a mix of these worlds.

1. my bug-bear - most of the discussion that i've read around new media and theological scholarship is about how to disperse information. eg. will web journals count for my PBRF! this seems to miss the essentially horizontal, P2P nature of the web. i did a journal article on this for a recent stimulus journal, arguing that authorship and the Biblical canon was essentially P2P. a further research angle is the place of p2p colloboration on the theological process. how will the web impact on the doing of theology? will it move from individual scholars to team? what are the implications for "ownership"?

2. so i am interested in exploring a model for how p2p theology might work on the web.
a) not yet sure whether this will be actually trying something. i have a website idea, but am not sure that i can do it technically alone and i am not sure that launching a new website before christmas and into january is the best time.
b) the other option is to look at p2p work in other disciplines, primarily pedagogical and then apply it to theology.

looking forward to meeting you all, although your CV's make me feel i'm gate crashing the wrong party.