Hypertext Bible Dictionary

Concept, Audience, and Scope

The Hypertext Bible Dictionary (HBD) is a general reference work that makes biblical scholarship accessible online to undergraduate students and general readers. The resource offers original articles on books in the Hebrew Bible, Apocrypha, and New Testament, and on individuals, groups, artifacts, locations, events, and institutions, as well as approaches to studying and interpreting the Bible text.

Articles are concise (about 1500 words in length, excluding bibliography); authoritative (subject to peer review and periodic revision); academic (descriptive and historical, not prescriptive and confessional); introductory (giving an overview and recommending further reading), and illustrated (where possible by photographs, maps, and drawings of people, places and objects mentioned).

Contributors and Review Process

The work is the collaborative effort of college and university professors and other scholars, who contribute their expertise, and is provided for the benefit of students and other interested readers, who are not charged for access. Articles are reviewed by at least one other contributor and one editor prior to publication. The author of an article is identified at the end of the article. On a separate contributors page, each editor and author is listed with his or her title, institution, and degrees (with the institutions that awarded the degrees).

Format and Style

The format for each article is

Minor entries consist of subject heading and a summarizing sentence or paragraph.

Abbreviations and writing style conform to The SBL Handbook of Style, and author-date format for citation and bibliography is used (see SBLHS § 7.4).